Thank you for the time and energy, looking forward to develop more wisdom from you...when the student is "ready" the right teacher shows up.. eternally grateful and thankful to be able to do this with your guidance and support.

  • Marcela

I was able to achieve my goals of a practicing psychic and reiki master through Bodhisattva Healing and a strong spiritual foundation. I transitioned to civilian life easily from the military after retirement through my dedicated practice, Michelle helped me achieve. There is a lot of magic in my life now that I would love others to experience by having Michelle as an Instructor/Spiritual Coach.

  • Darryl

I've had the pleasure of having a few readings with Michelle now, and WOW, do they ever hit home! Her unique and uplifting blend of no-nonsense and positivity always leave me feeling so empowered by truth and divine guidance. She is so incredibly gifted, I'm so grateful for our time together! 10/10, people!!

  • Jenny

I had my first reiki private class with Michelle and she is absolutely magical. I am very new to the reiki community, and what a blessing this session was to me. I felt absolutely validated. Michelle is truly gifted and I am now spending my time getting to know myself and even helping my son. I can not say enough thanks to Michelle. What an absolute angel. 🙏🏼💕🌟💫

  • Kari

Michelle is a very talented practitioner, and it is very clear from both conversations with her and also from first-hand experience of her techniques and therapies that she is doing exactly what she should be doing with her life. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, understanding and sensitive. I felt so very much at ease during our sessions, and her desire to help people is palpable when you speak to her about her work. I absolutely look forward to enjoying more time with her.


  • Kevin

Every time I see Michelle something wonderful happens. Sometimes it's small and internal and sometimes it feels quite powerful. Either result just reaffirms for me that seeing Michelle is the best way that time could have been spent that day.

I have been so impressed by Michelle's work. She clearly has a gift, not only in her friendly approachable manner but in the channelling of the reiki energy. The Reiki session was so freeing and enabled me to start seeing clearly again and channelling my own energy into projects that had become stale. A much needed boost both physically and mentally!

The Angel reading I had was very insightful, intuitive and answered the questions that I needed answering. Several aspects have already transpired. The reading gave me confidence to continue, reassurance that my loved ones are walking with me, especially as I have sensed their presence many times recently, and I feel I have the knowledge to progress this next chapter. Definitely, helpful and enlightening and I look forward to the next reading when it is time. Michelle connects with the Angels beautifully and delivered the messages as I needed to hear them. Thank you Michelle.​

Level 1 - Reiki - what can I say but, 'wow'. The three hours went by far too fast and I would press rewind and do it all over again if I could. The learning was exponential and the effect on my life's journey has been overwhelming and rapid. Not only am I feeling more calm and less anxious, but my mother has noted a difference too in the way I talk about situations that would normally worry me. The clarity has also enabled me to register a business name, write a business plan and start channelling positive energy into the many projects that have been sloshing around my head. I felt that I was ready to embrace Reiki just a little more and this was definitely the right step. Michelle's guidance, wisdom and patience has been exactly what I needed at this time. I hope many others can benefit from this investment of time and energy into themselves.


  • Nicola

Today I had my first Reiki intuitive healing session and it was great, I felt really calm and relaxed during the session. Some of the things Michelle was saying after our session really resonated with me and I felt like this experience was very necessary in my life at this point in time. I realized through all the hustle and bustle of my life I have kind of lost touch with myself and this session helped bring my focus back to what is important.

  • Amanda

My session with Michelle was one word - Incredible. I was left speechless with what she told me and just getting everything right on. I left feeling calm, refreshed and with a sense of peace. This woman is truly gifted. Have one session with her and you’ll go back. I can’t wait to see her again! ❤️ Thank you!!!


  • Irene

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